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Andrew McDonnell - Bioentrepreneurship student from Ireland

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: Ireland
Born: 1987

Andrew McDonell is originally from Ireland from where he has a bachelor in Environmental Chemistry from the University College Cork. And after his bachelor in Dublin he worked as a Lab and Office Assistant at the Biomnis Ireland- Medical Pathology Laboratory. But Andrew has also a great interest in fashion and has been working both as a men's fashion editor at the Motley Magazine during his studies at College Cork and as a sales advisor for Menswear in Cork city.

"I chose Karolinska Institutet because the reputation of KI and because I always knew that Sweden was for me."

Andrew wanted to learn a language and the beauty of Sweden really attracted him to coming here.

"My best memory so far has to be when my mum and dad came over with me and we explored Stockholm, also when all of my new classmates and I went on a trip to Vaxholm and we ended up playing some mini golf."

Andrew says that the program definitely has met up to his expectations so far. He continues that the programme has proved to be quite tough and strenuous but interesting at the same time. Andrew is glad that he can see a bright future ahead:

"I do think my degree from KI will be a component of importance when applying for jobs! I think that KI is very reputable and is known at least in Europe. As far as I am aware, since I would like to stay in Scandinavia I will have nothing but an advantage as KI is one of the best here."

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Photo by Ulf Sirborn