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Caitlin Longman - Global Health student from South Africa

Programme: Master of Global Health
From: South Africa
Born: 1988

Caitlin, a speech-language pathologist and audiologist from South Africa, has always wanted to study abroad. She was looking

for a multidisciplinary masters course to add to her educational path and learn more about research and policy development in health. Caitlin was drawn to apply for the Karolinska Institutet’s Global Health Masters programme after discovering that she could obtain a scholarship for her studies from the Swedish Institute. These scholarships mean that her classroom is very diverse and her classmates are experts in many different disciplines.

I love the mix of professions, skills, and experiences of my classmates and lecturers. I have been really impressed with my classmates and their backgrounds and achievements.

Caitlin admits she has falling in love with Sweden already, embracing the concept of fika and enjoying the beauty she sees everywhere in the city.

Literally everywhere from the train station to the library [includes some form of artistic expression]. I didn't realize how quickly I would fall in love with Sweden. I love how beautiful the city is, the art and the tradition of fika.

While in Stockholm, Caitlin hopes to take advantage of her location, travelling as much as possible around Sweden and Europe, and using Karolinska Institutet’s reputation for high quality education to further her eager appetite for learning and furthering her career.

KI has a great reputation worldwide and I think it is a great opportunity to network with professionals from around the world.

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Photo by D.Humphreys