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Caity Jackson - Global Health student from Canada

Caity Jackson portrait

Master's programme: Global Health
Country of residence: Canada
Year of birth: 1988

Before applying, Caity had already heard about Hans Rosling, and with his growing fame and contribution to the field, she says she fell upon the university by researching where Dr. Rosling taught. Learning about the university's reputation was the cherry on top for her choice to apply to Karolinska Institutet.

"I chose to study in Sweden because of its dedication to education and at Karolinska Institutet because of its international reputation as an excellent medical university and of course for its reputation in the global health field."

She is already impressed with the international scope and the quality of her classmates in the Master's Programme in Global Health. Caity also values that the lecturers are leaders in their field, and appreciates the introduction to so many different subtopics within global health.

She is very excited to see how the year pans out. So far she is happy to be here, and gladly states:

"I am struck daily about how incredible it is to be in Sweden and studying at such a great university."

Caity is assured that her degree from Karolinska Institutet will be something to brag about:

"As a North American working within global health, having an international resumé is important. It helps when applying for jobs in a global context. I will definitely proudly say that I not only have a degree from abroad, but also from Karolinska Institutet."

Having worked as a career advisor and global health coordinator after her bachelor's graduation, she confidently thinks that her masters degree will be a great stepping stone for her career.

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