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Cassandra Hokka Zakrisson - Biomedicine Bachelor student from USA

Programme: Bachelors in Biomedicine
From: USA
Year of birth: 1991
Blog: cassandrahozac

Already living in Sweden, Cassandra was thrilled to find a programme that complemented her not yet completed Biomedical engineering degree and was in English!

“I had previously studied Biomedical Engineering, and what I didn’t like was the engineering aspect, so Biomedicine seemed like the dream program.”

Although she has many years ahead of her in terms of getting to a career she wants, Cassandra understands that a degree from Karolinska Institutet will definitely get her on the right track and into the right master’s programme for her. She is going to pursue further studies after her Bachelor’s degree and perhaps even a PhD!

Cassandra’s exposure to Swedish life has been through her husband and her dog!

“I also spend a lot of time walking my dog. It sounds totally mundane, but I walk at least 20 – 25 km a week so I try to find new paths regularly. I see lots of nature, and it’s great getting to meet foxes, deer, and wild rabbits here in the city when you’re just out exploring the many parks Stockholm has to offer.”

Her favourite thing about Karolinska Institutet though is the places the institute has created to study, with lots of rooms and spaces designed differently to accommodate all kinds of studying and lounging activities!

“It makes it really feel like home when after a long lecture you and your friends can just sprawl out for awhile and relax. Combined with the fridges and microwaves everywhere for lunch, KI just feels really homey for me.”

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Photo by Ulf Sirborn.