How do you, as a student, report an incident or make a complaint?

The procedure for making a report or appeal depends on the case. You can, for example, appeal a decision or ask to get a grade re-examined. A report can also be a notification of an accident/incident. In the following text you will get information about what the report must contain and who you address the report to.


A report/appeal should be in writing and contain:

  • Who or what the report/appeal is aimed at
  • A brief description of the event/case and what the informer wants KI to do.
  • When the event/case occurred.
  • Any reference number, the course it relates to, or other information identifying the event/case.
  • Name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the informer.
  • Copies of documents relevant to the event/case.

Where should the report/appeal be sent/submitted?

The report/appeal can be submitted by post, mail or via the Incident Reporting System. If a report/appeal is not complete, additional supplements will be requested.

Study/Work environment incidents, security incidents and anonymous notifications

These should be reported via the Incident Reporting System.

Review of Decisions

These are sent directly to the teacher, examiner etc who made the decision.


Appeals are sent to the registrar as instructed in the decision.

If you are in doubt where to send/submit your report, send it to:

Karolinska Institutet
171 77 Stockholm

Considerations when making a report /appeal

General documents

Notifications and documents to the report/appeal become public documents when they received by KI. This means that anyone can request the documents if they are not protected by the Public and Secrecy Act.

Read more about public documents

Anonymous notifications

Anonymous notifications are not always investigated, as the identity of the notified event cannot be kept secret if the investigation is carried out.


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