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Daiana Vlad - Master of Global Health student from Romania

Programme: Master of Global Health
From: Romania
Blog: dvlad11
Contact me in: English, Romanian, Spanish

It’s the beginning of the academic year and not only has the programme lived up to my expectations, it has exceeded them too.

Before starting the Master’s Programme in Global Health, Daiana worked as a research assistant in medical anthropology. This showed her just how key an understanding of social behaviours and practices were in creating effective health policy. Where better to explore this further than at Karolinska Institutet? Daiana is certain that her global classmates and exposure to research will help her develop the skills needed to tackle her ultimate goal: improving healthcare access around the world.

Daiana has already made the most of the healthy work-life balance that a degree at KI offers. She has made lots of great memories with her classmates, meeting their families and even picking up a language or two along the way! In 10 years’ time Daiana hopes to be part of a team working to improve the Romanian healthcare system. That and, very importantly, to be the proud owner of (at least) one adorable dog.