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David Humphreys - Global Health student from Australia

Programme: Master of Global Health
From: Australia
Born: 1985

For David, it was a blend of factors about Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, and Sweden in general that led him to choose to study his Masters in Global Health here. He wished to study in an institution internationally-known for exceptional research and teaching, in a city known for a having a dynamic city culture, and in a country that has strong egalitarian societal pillars and a strong history of social welfare and supporting disenfranchised communities.

Why not study global public health in an environment where it is practiced domestically so well?

David is sure that his degree will lead him to bigger and better things, as he has already been stimulated by the programme material and engaged with his classmates who are a talented and diverse group.

Karolinska Institutet has a reputation for excellence in the medical and health sciences, and I am confident the networks and doors opened by my degree will shape my future journey as a medical professional and public health practitioner.

While not studying, David can be found in parks and nature reserves around the city, or throwing himself into the Swedish cultural habits.

I’m a lover of the outdoors and a culture-phile. In my spare time you’ll find me exploring Stockholm’s beautiful natural surroundings and uncovering the quirks and cultural peculiarities of Swedish society.

Although he says meeting Hans Rosling has so far been the highlight of his year, David looks forward to finishing his degree so he can foster a career that combines medical practice with public health, working to reduce inequality and improve healthcare delivery to society’s marginalized communities.

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Photo by Hollie Spence