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Disha Rao - Master of Biomedicine student from India

Programme: Master of Biomedicine
From: India
Blog: disharao
Contact me in: English, Hindi, Kannada

The global reputation and a consistently good ranking completely convinced me to pick Karolinska Institutet for my master’s studies.

Disha hails from India so as one of our bloggers she will be writing about the Biomedicine master’s, as well as experiencing the Swedish climate in contrast to the tropical sub-continent. You should check out her blog explaining the ins and outs of her programme and how she has tailored the course according to her interests.

It’s been a dream of Disha’s to come to KI ever since she decided to pursue a career in research. Specifically, due to the reputation as a leading medical university and the high standard of research published.

I picture myself as a well-established researcher in the field of Immunology. I want to conduct impactful research that will translate into better healthcare for mankind.

Disha has a clear idea of where she wants to end up and thinks that KI is the place to be to make this picture a reality. When applying for jobs, she thinks her degree will be advantageous because of the many collaborations with industry and academia in Sweden and abroad.