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Erin Gabrielle Fears - Master of Bioentrepreneurship student from USA

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: USA
You can contact me in: English
Blog: latjej

Karolinska Institutet had created the perfect way to honour where I’ve come from, whilst still taking me to where I want to go.

Erin has previously studied Medicine and Biology in the US. When happening upon the Masters in Bioentrepreneurship she found that it was a great opportunity to combine her previous education with a new-found interest in business.

Erin has been living in Stockholm for two years and is marrying a Swede next summer. She will occasionally blog her tips and tricks for living in Sweden and integrating into Swedish culture. You can also follow her documenting her studies and time at KI as an Instagram ambassador.

According to Erin one of the best things about KI is the commitment to personal development of every student. She thinks that Karolinska Institutut makes you ready to face the challenges of your field and become a creative leader.

I have already learnt so much, and grown. I can’t wait to see what the next year and 8 months has to offer.

In the future Erin hopes to be in the executive leadership for an interesting Biotech start-up, maybe even one that that she’s founded. If you are thinking of doing something similar, maybe you should get in touch.