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Erwei Zeng - Master of Public Health Sciences student from China

Programme: Master of Public Health Sciences
From: China
Blog: erweizeng
Contact me in: Chinese, English

Karolinska Institutet is a leading university with a great reputation and I have the chance to listen to the Nobel Prize winners speeches.

Erwei didn’t know much about Stockholm before she came but she likes the quiet stillness as well as the open and tolerant atmosphere at KI. She wants her gain a different perspective of education from her home country of China and she is already having lots of new experiences, particularly with all the group work which is a completely new style of learning for her!

Erwei will be making videos of the KI YouTube channel. She will be capturing her new experiences as well as those of her fellow students from all master’s programmes.

Erwei thinks that the knowledge she learns on her program will be the "solid foundation" for job hunting in the future. She hopes to work in health promotion, and create innovative and interesting ways of promoting health in Sweden and around the world.