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Essam Sharaf - Master of Bioentrepreneurship student from Egypt

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: Egybt
Blog: essamsharaf
Contact me in: English, Arabic

Joining the world renowned Karolinska Institutet, with all its history, status and prestige is an achievement to be proud of.

Essam studied medicine and has previously worked with various entrepreneurial organisations. He chose to come to KI for the unique Bioentrepreneurship programme. Essam has seen that there is a real need to merge the life science fields with business and the potential that burgeoning entrepreneurship has had in his home country of Egypt.

The first courses are a great introduction to the big endeavour of learning Bioentrepreneurship.

Essam feels inspired by all aspects of the programme; from the content to the interactive teaching and real-life testing of ideas. He will be the first point of call for information about KI and the Global Master’s programmes as one of our Facebook Ambassadors.

Essam thinks that Karolinska Institutut’s reputation will be a strong asset during his professional career. In the future, he hopes to combine his medical degree with knowledge learnt on this programme to improve the way the healthcare sector is ruled and managed.