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Huanling Lai - Master of Bioentrepreneurship student from China

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: China
Born: 1993
Blog: Chinese Student Blogs
Contact me in: Chinese, English

Portrait of Huanling Lai

The programme has offered an international class for us to share and exchange our thoughts regardless of backgrounds and culture difference.

Huanling has been to a lot of places. Before coming to KI, she has volunteered in Malaysia and attended summer school in Hawaii. She is not afraid of the North, though. She spent time as an exchange student in Norway, so she knew what she was getting into.

If you are from China and considering to apply for a Master’s at KI, following Huanling on Weibo will show you a lot about the life here. She is also a good person to ask, if you have any questions about where in the world to go. Her own story of coming to KI goes, not surprisingly, via her exchange in Norway:

Two years ago I was exchanged to Norway where I fell in love with the life style in Scandinavia. KI is definitely the best medical university in the region, and when I looked through KI’s official website, I couldn’t help being attracted by the description of Programme of Bioentrepreneurship, which seemed tailored for me. As a pharmaceutical science student, I realized that I was not so talented in lab works. However, I'm apt at communicating with people and would like to gain my practical skills for my career life. I am looking very much forward to the practical placements in my second year.