Incidents - in case something has happened

Threats and violence

Threatening and violent behaviour is a serious working environment problem for our students and staff. KI will not tolerate any such behaviour in the workplace.

If you or a student/colleague is affected, contact your teacher, the course coordinator, the Chief Security Officer, any other employee whom you trust or the student safety representative .

Report an incident

Have you been involved in an accident, do you feel that you have been harassed, have you ever felt at risk in your study environment or want to give improvement suggestions related to your study environment? In order to constantly develop KI as a study and workplace we need to learn from events that have occurred. Therefore, it is important that you report what you have experienced during your time here at KI. You are also welcome to suggest improvements to KI. PhD students report incidents via the employee site.

In case of emergency, call SOS Alarm: 112

In case of emergency, call SOS Alarm: 112

In other matters, call KI Alarm: 08-524 80 100

Please, also report your incident.

Information about personal data

Please, use one of these 4 links to report your incident:

What happens after your report?

Your report will be investigated by the department responsible for the course you are attending. If you have reported a safety issue KI's unit for environment and safety will investigate it. If you want, you have the option to make an anonymous report. If the anonymous report is about the psychosocial environment (for example discrimination or victimisation), it may be more difficult (or impossible) to investigate a reported incident. Instead, provide as much information as you can about the incident (time, place, name, etc.) so that the investigator will have the opportunity to make a thorough investigation.

If an incident occurs during work-based education (VFU), you should contact the course coordinator of the responsible department at KI (or teacher, head of security or another employee whom you trust or as an alternative a student safety representative). Do not forget to report the incident via the entry Study environment incident - injury/inconvenience/illness or violation/harassment. You can choose to only report the incident via the entry Study environment incident. The incident will be investigated more quickly if you also contact someone in a managerial position at the workplace.

If you need support

If you need help reporting the incident you can turn to the study counselor, course coordinator or any other teacher/administrator you trust.

If you want to talk to someone about what you have experienced you can contact your study counselor, your teacher, any other teacher/administrator for whom you have confidence or the Student Health centre. You can also contact a student safety representative or a student and doctoral student ombudsperson.