Information about exchange studies and studies abroad related to the corona virus during the Spring and Fall semester 2020

Information regarding exchange studies and studies abroad

Spring semester 2020

We know that there is some concern among our exchange students at the moment in view of the spread of Coronavirus.  We would therefore like to inform you that we at Karolinska Institutet are continuously keeping up to date on the situation and developments, not only in Sweden, but also abroad.

University management is on high alert and working proactively, and our web (see below) is continuously updated. It is important that you stay up to date as the situation can change quickly:

If your exchange university cancels the teaching, in whole or in part,  or if you want to cancel your exchange,  you should

  • contact your international administrator at Karolinska Institutet
  • contact your study counsellor to plan your study situation
  • read about repatriation and interruption protection via insurance at Kammarkollegiet
    Enter insurance number 202100-2973 and state that you are an outbound exchange student from Karolinska Institutet.
  • learn about the Corona virus for those studying abroad
  • apply for compensation in cases where you receive additional costs in connection with the interruption, e.g. if your ticket is not rebookable. A summary and copies of receipts are sent via mail to the international administrator who administers your exchange. Travel allowances that are not used shall be refunded.
  • request a certificate from the university of exchange of your completed studies. The certificate  must indicate which parts you have completed, whether something has been examined and the results of the examination, and whether you have participated in teaching that has not been completed. Curricula and other study documentation must be attached. These form the basis for the application for credit.

Students who are studying at a university abroad, where the university closes and no longer gives lectures, should

  • return and contact your study counsellor to plan for your continued studies at KI. Your study programme at KI is responsible to answer your questions regarding supplementary tasks.
  • If the student chooses to remain at the institution and the course cannot be continued by distance, interruptions will be noted for the course.

Fall semester 2020

Information regarding exchange studies and studies abroad during the Fall semester 2020 can be found here.