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Ismael González Flores - Master of Bioentrepreneurship student from Mexico

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: Mexico
Born: 1986
Blog: ismaelgf

Portrait of Ismael González

I looked for programmes around the world and I found that the Master of Bioentrepreneurship fulfilled my requirements

Ismael is interested in the entrepreneurial side of the medical field and having already worked five years in the industry, he is the perfect person to enlighten you about the Bioentrepreneurship Programme – both the education in itself and what it is good for out there in the “real” world. Coming from Mexico City, he can also offer his experience of “crossing the pond”.

Ismael spent a lot of time checking out programmes around the world, so he might be good to ask advice, if you are also trying to figure out what choice is best for you. He ended up choosing Bioentrepreneurship at KI because it matched his goals and had lots of practical applicability:

I was looking for a programme could combine project management, business development, research and innovation in the medical industry. (…) It also offers me 3 practical placements that will allow me to keep in touch with the industry during my studies.