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James Salisi - Health Informatics student from the Philippines

Programme: Master of Health Informatics
From: the Philippines
Born: 1983

James traveled a long way for his degree but he was determined to get the best out of his education and really wanted to combine his passion with the skills he knew he wanted to obtain. For him, Karolinska Institutet was an easy choice as the Health Informatics programme is very new and not many universities in the world have such a specialized master’s degree.

I was working in the field for a couple of years and I felt that I needed to learn about and specialize in it in a more structured way and when I looked at the program details I thought that they matched my needs.

Now that he has made the transition, James is settling in and exploring Stockholm, he is even afraid he won’t have enough time to explore the whole city! The Swedish learning environment is also very complimentary, with a nice balance between lectures and free/group time.

My courses so far at KI all start at 10 AM and end at 3 PM with plenty of time to do group work and individual study. I find that it’s about the right mix for me and my attention span; and I end up learning more.

James is confident that his Masters in Health Informatics from Karolinska Institutet will help him when searching for jobs and building his career in this budding field.

I see myself back home to my country where I would teach and do research (and put up a business). It will also be my base as I travel the world as successful expert in Public Health Informatics.

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Photo by Ulf Sirborn