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Jennifer Tsai - Master of Toxicology student from USA

Programme: Master of Toxicology
From: USA
Blog: jenniferwzt
Contact me in: English, Mandarin

I think the experience of living in Sweden will open my eyes to a whole new world.

Jennifer has always wanted to experience studying in a foreign country, and to further herself in the field of medicine. Karolinska Institutet offers her the chance to do both as well as build professional knowledge and gain the resources to strive beyond even her own expectations.

Jennifer has a background in traditional Chinese medicine and through her blog will be offering her unique insights into the Toxicology Programme as well as a glimpse into her life in Sweden at Karolinska Institutet.

Jennifer thinks that the best way to explore Sweden is through its natural beauty and, so far her best memory is taking a trip to the archipelago with her classmates at the beginning of the school year. When asked about this experience she had a simple answer:

Being out in the woods surrounded by nature I felt humbled.

In the future, Jennifer sees herself as a doctor, toxicologist, or maybe a researcher. However, she is excited about all the new opportunities that will open up to her during the programme.