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Jessica de Loma - Toxicology student from Spain

Programme: Master of Toxicology
From: Spain
Born: 1992

For Jessica, it was really about the challenge and the promise of new things that brought her to Karolinska Institutet. She had always heard about KI’s reputation as a leading medical university and was keen to follow her dreams of being a medical researcher at a university held the same passions she did.

…I picked KI as an option to continue my studies because I thought it could be the perfect boost for my academic life, serving as a great reference when searching for future job positions.

Aside from her desire to challenge herself with her toxicology studies, Jessica wanted to come to KI to experience a new culture, while still staying not too far from her home country and what she knows. She has settled in well so far in Stockholm and takes advantage of free time to bond with her classmates and explore the city.

I love spending time with my friends here. No matter what the activity is. From having lunch or supper together, to playing badminton, etc.

Jessica has only just begun her academic adventure here at KI but so far she enjoys her courses, professors, and classmates and really looks forward to the next 2 years here!

My favourite things about KI so far are the people I have been able to find here, such a great mixture of cultures and personalities but everyone with the same interest for science, and all the activities that are focused towards students such as salsa classes and the coffee hour to mingle.

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Photo by Ulf Sirborn