Karolinska Institutet's Graduation Ceremonies, June 4-5, 2020

Welcome to KI's online Graduation Ceremonies! Here you can watch the Ceremonies.

Graduation Ceremony


Technical information

You will better follow the ceremony on a computer and the bigger the screen is, the nicer the experience!  Unfortunately the platform is not ideal for mobile phones.

Use Google Chrome Browser in order to follow the ceremony in the best way possible.

If you experience problems please contact us at: www.inadra.se/support 


Arbetsterapeuter, audionomer, fysioterapeuter, logopeder, biomedicinska analytiker

Global Master's programmes: Molecular Techniques in Life Science, Bioentrepreneurship, Biomedicine, Toxicology, Health Informatics, Nutrition Science, Public Health Sciences, Health economics, policy and management and Global Health

Psykologer, tandhygienister och tandläkare

Sjuksköterskor, röntgensjuksköterskor och optiker

Biomedicinare och läkare

Programme Graduation Ceremony,1:00 pm, June 4

Graduation Ceremony for Global Master's Programmes, 3:00 pm CET, June 4

Programme Graduation Ceremony, 10:00 am, June 5

Programme Graduation Ceremony,1:00 pm, June 5

Programme Graduation Ceremony, 3:00 pm, June 5