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Laura Barceló Bartrolí - Master of Biomedicine student from Catalonia, Spain

Programme: Master of Biomedicine
From: Catalonia, Spain
Born: 1993
Blog: laurabarcelobiomedicine
Contact me in: Catalan, Spanish, English

One of the things I hope this master is going to help me with is getting a clearer idea about the different options I have and the careers I can pursue.

Laura has a special love for the Swedish greenery in the summertime, and she nominates having lunch with her new classmates in the green grass on campus as one of her best experiences so far. Maybe that’s why she likes to make her blogging visual by doing video blogs.

You can check out her blog for the full “audiovisual” experience but also for a student’s perspective on the Master’s Programme in Biomedicine and a South European view on living and studying in Sweden.

One of Laura's plans with doing the Master’s is to figure out if she wants a career in research or to “go corporate”. If you are in the same predicament, maybe her blog can offer some insights.

When asked why she chose KI, she names both Sweden itself, the level of English spoken here and not least the quality of the education at the university:

I had been in Sweden a few years ago and I really liked the city and the country (although it was summer..!). In addition, I wanted to focus in Biomedicine and Stockholm has one of the leading medical universities in Europe: Karolinska Institutet.