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Manjula Bhuma - Master of Health Informatics student from India

Programme: Master of Health Informatics
From: India
Born: 1987
Blog: manjusatya
Contact me in: English, Hindi, Telugu

Portrait of Manjula Bhuma

Students [from KI] get into industries and academic research positions quite easily

Manjula studies Health Informatics and has worked as a Systems Administrator. She probably knows more about Linux than you do, but she won't answer questions about tech support.

She will answer questions about how it is moving to Sweden from India and what taking the Health Informatics Programme is like.

Culture is a big interest of Manjula’s and not just the differences. She likes the put forward the similarities – for instance the ones that come from our common Indo-European heritage.

Manjula knew she was going to Sweden since her husband already lived and worked here, when they got married. She then chose KI – amongst other things because of the opportunities it provides afterwards.

I got married in 2014 and my husband has been living here in Stockholm for the past six years. He was working as a researcher at KTH. From him I learned about Sweden – that it is one of the most peaceful, innovative and technically advanced countries in the world.