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Natalie Boyle - Master of Global Health student from Canada

Programme: Master of Global Health
From: Canada
Blog: nataliemboyle
Contact me in: English, French

Global Health encompasses everything about me; my international background, non-profit experience…passion for social justice, it ties it all together.

Natalie has grown up a citizen of the world, from her British-Canadian parents, and a childhood spent in China; her perspective is truly a global one. Through a commitment to helping others, and interest in medicine, Natalie found herself working in community development and as a doula. After 6 years of practicing, while searching for a way to get out of her routine and explore something new, she found Global health at KI.

Natalie loves being in a new place with new people. For her, one of the best things about moving to Stockholm, has been her amazingly diverse classmates. According to Natalie “they make it so worth it!”. So make sure to check out Natalie on our Periscope channel to see all of the fun she gets up to with her fellow students exploring the best Stockholm.

Natalie's plans for the future include working at her own Midwifery practice in rural Canada while taking off every few years to continue her volunteer work with Doctors Without Borders.

When asked why she decided to study at KI, Natalie states that:

I found KI (through) Hans Rosling, whose TED talks had completely captured everything I believed in … I never dreamed it would be possible that I could possibly be studying with him at KI!