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Nikola Mastilovic - Master of Health Informatics student from Serbia

Programme: Master of Health Informatics
From: Serbia
Blog: nikolamastilovic
Contact me in: English, Serbian, Swedish, Spanish

The programme I chose, Health Informatics, is a truly bold combination of knowledge that is not offered by so many other universities.

Nikola is an admitted logophile and dentist, from Serbia’s capital of Belgrade. His relationship with Sweden began two years ago, when he spent ten days travelling through Morocco with Swedish friends he’d meet along the way. Hearing and learning some Swedish, sparked his interest in the language, and lead to him to sign up for a Swedish course. Through his teachers enthusiasm for Sweden, Nikola began to consider continuing his studies in Sweden.

The Karolinska Institutet Health Informatics program piqued Nikola’s interest because of his desire to be a part of the major changes the health care system will face in the upcoming years. One of the things he enjoys most about the programme, is that it gives students the opportunity to learn more about Health Informatics from various sources. Also, getting to hear guest lecturers coming from an array of backgrounds, makes Nikola feel as though it is “much easier to grasp the usability of HI and its limitations”.

Having just completed his introductory course , Nikola now realises that the possibilities and needs of implementing Health Informatics within the health care system are even greater than he had initially thought. Thus, he’s even more interested in using his new Health Informatics education to contribute to the implementation of modern IT solutions within the field of dental education. Make sure to follow his journey here in Stockholm through his student blog.

I am positive that the sole fact I studied at KI will open many doors in the future because its reputation in academia is well deserved!