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Nuhamin Petros - Master of Public Health Sciences student from Ethiopia

Programme: Master of Public Health Sciences
From: Ethiopia/Switzerland
Blog: nuhpetvstudki
Contact me in: English, French, Amharic

The programme has challenged me, taught me different ways of thinking, and for the first time, I now understand the phrase "you learn more from your classmates".

Nuhamin is a Master in Public Health student from Ethiopia. Being a self professed nomad and wanderer, she has always enjoyed learning about and exploring new cultures and lifestyles. Having followed this passion, she has studied all over the world including in Switzerland and the United States.

Always having had a keen inclination towards the sciences, Nuhamin was originally drawn towards medicine. Her interest has evolved to focus on contributing to the betterment of the health of the Ethiopian community, specifically through working with mothers and children in rural areas.

When looking for a masters programme in this area, Nuhamin was impressed by the quality of the research focus, and the international career opportunities that Karolinska Institutet offered. The Masters Programme in Public Health seemed to offer the perfect path for her to reach her goal. Be sure to read more about her continued experiences on Nuhamin’s blog.

As a final thought when asked about her favourite thing so far, Nuhamin says simply:

I like that there is at least one lecture per day that mesmerizes me.