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Paula Salme Sandrak - Master of Bioentrepreneurship student from Estonia

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: Estonia
Blog: paulasandrak
Contact me in: English, Estonian.

Being surrounded by inspirational people is such an important asset in the field of entrepreneurship and I feel like KI has done a good job.

Growing up in a forest in Estonia, forged Paula’s love for science and nature at an early age, and soon her love to be in nature transformed into a quest to understand it. Studying Gene technology took Paula deep into the research world, but she was interested in doing more than bench work. After taking a few gap years travelling the world outside of the lab, Paula learned about the Masters of Bioentrepreneurship Programme at KI while searching the internet.

After further researching Karolinska Institutet, Paula knew that this was exactly what she was looking for. Her aspiration to delve into the world of science and medicine through business and entrepreneurship, was now made possible. Going forward Paula felt a need to commit her energies to something profoundly meaningful, far-reaching and beneficial, and felt that here she could indeed be part of something bigger.

In the near future, Paula wants to meet the crucial needs of the healthcare industry at an international level, while still focusing on her home country of Estonia. She wants to accomplish this through becoming a part of the startup scene, social entrepreneurship, and possibly even education. Right now she says that:

I feel I'm in [the] right place and doing what I ought to do.