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Prithviraj Thumaiah - Master of Global Health student from Mauritius

Programme: Master of Global Health
From: Mauritius
Blog: prithvirajthumaiah
Contact me in: English, French

The programme brings together people who have a strong influence in shaping health globally.

From early in his student years, Raj has been focused upon health and how we can improve it. Studying the Master’s Programme in Global Health, he feels surrounded by like-minded individuals, driven by the idea of working together towards just this goal. His classmates hail from all across the world and have extensive and diverse professional backgrounds. At times Raj finds this can be intimidating, but certainly always inspiring.

KI undeniably has a reputation of excellence within the medical and scientific community.

Raj chose this master’s degree as it bridges the gap that can often arise between academia and the practical application of public health. This, combined with Karolinska Institutet’s reputation for health research, made it the perfect fit for him. When looking to the future, Raj sees himself working within health service delivery whilst also influencing policy making. This degree is just the beginning…