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Radek Gora - Toxicology student from Poland

Programme: Master of Toxicology
From: Poland
Born: 1991

Radek applied to Karolinska Institutet knowing that Sweden has a good reputation back in his home country and that KI regularly ranks highly in university ranking. He was also drawn to the idea of a new country and experience that was still close to home and has really enjoyed the nature and surrounding water he has found in Stockholm

…there are many green areas both in the suburbs and the city centre of Stockholm, so now I am not surprised when I spot rabbits running across the campus in Solna.

Now that he has started his studies, Radek is very impressed with his courses, loving the problem-based learning approach he has in one of his classes.

Like detectives, we have to find a clue and solve the mystery behind certain medical problems. This method is much more effective for me, and, what is more, gives us an outline of how real work in the medical company looks like.

He also enjoys how the programme introduces him to the field of toxicology, giving an overview of the topic at first, going deeper into the concepts, and preparing them for the workforce.

After getting our degrees we can work as the PhD researchers at the KI or in the other companies that we are going to visit throughout our programme.

While here at Karolinska Institutet, Radek hopes to take advantage of the international environment he finds at KI, a thriving multi-cultural community.

KI values diversity of their students, what I enjoy very much. I am sure that I can always learn something new from people coming from another country on the other side of the globe. It allows me to broaden my horizons and look at many concepts of life and science from a different perspective.

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Photo by Ulf Sirborn