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Rath Panyowat - Master of Health Informatics student from Thailand

Programme: Master of Health Informatics
From: Thailand
Blog: rathpanv16
Contact me in: English, Thai

I like [the] Swedish teaching style. It’s much more [focused on] student engagement…

Rath is a medical doctor who has always found himself enthralled by all things internet technology. After graduating, he worked as a doctor but then followed his passion to a university hospital’s IT department in Bangkok. Inspired by his experience, Rath started a healthcare technology company with a friend. In Rath’s home country of Thailand there is a health care gap that is growing with the aging population. By learning health informatics, Rath feels like he can gain the tools to make an impact, ultimately bettering the lives of the people in his community.

This interest in combining healthcare and technology is what ultimately inspired Rath to apply to Karolinska Institutet and the Health Informatics Programme. After being awarded the Swedish Institute scholarship, Rath was able to make his goal of moving to the far north come true. Going forward, Rath is committed to using his company and new knowledge to create something that benefits patients, doctors, and other caregivers with the help of information technology and creativity.

KI is a top medical school in the world and Sweden is also advanced in medical technology and startup ecosystem.