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Sarah Khalid Khan - Master of Global Health student from Pakistan

Programme: Master of Global Health
From: Pakistan
Born: 1986
Blog: sarahkhalidkhanglobalhealth

Portrait of Sarah Khalid Khan

What I appreciate the most about the teachers and KI in general is that they are open to new things and ideas. I have people from all over the world in my course. I collaborate with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and even a vet and an engineer.

Read Sarah’s blog for a thorough look inside the Global Health Programme – from the perspective of a student who has also taught at a higher learning institution herself. Having moved to Sweden from Pakistan, Sarah also offers a women’s perspectives on the cultural differences between the two countries.

Sarah wanted to go to England before she learned about KI and changed her mind. She treasures the multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environment here. Luckily for you, she is also a passionate writer and photographer which doesn’t hurt when you are doing a blog.