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Shupei Zhang - Master of Biomedicine student from China

Programme: Master of Biomedicine
From: China
Blog: Chinese Student Blogs
Contact me in: Chinese, English

Portrait of Shupei Zhang

The Master’s programme in Biomedicine provides almost everything I will need to become a qualified scientific researcher.

Shupei came to Karolinska Institutet for the world-class Biomedicine department and research environment. She loves that KI is committed to teaching the most current research to students. This meant that her classmates were well prepared for the Nobel lecture in December:

My best memory so far is absolutely the Nobel lecture given by 2016 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine, Yoshinori Osumi, about his fantastic work in autophagy. We were so familiar with the topic and couldn't wait to see Professor Osumi.

Shupei is determined to become a scientific researcher in a Biomedical field so if you have similar aspirations maybe you should get in touch! She is convinced that the Master’s in Biomedicine will provide the relevant skills needed to achieve these career goals:

The focus on scientific communication skills like writing, presentation and poster making is very helpful for students who, like me, want to go into scientific research.

You can follow Shupei on Chinese social media Wechat and Weibo (Chinese only).