For students attending the course Applied communication in biomedicine 2 (5 credits) course code 4BI094

The aim of the course is to advance your skills in communicating science in speech and writing, as well as support your critical reading of research articles. By reading and discussing articles you will gain further knowledge in the field of biomedical research.

On this page you find latest syllabus, course evaluation and contact details.


Introduction to the course

The course evolves around central concepts of applied communication in biomedicine. The focus is on biomedical themes, which can illustrate the connection “physiology-disease-diagnostics-drug development-therapy”. Emphasis is on cellular and molecular mechanisms and advanced experimental methodologies. Seminars give aspects on the interaction between academia and the outside community. 

The course starts with a whole day of "Getting down to business" which is a combined event for the Master's Programmes in Bioentrepreneurship, Toxicology and Biomedicine during which issues related to drug development will be raised. 

Course evaluation


Herwig Schüler

Course leader

Anna Wallén

Course administrator