For students attending the course Diet and health - scientific basis, recommendations and sustainability (7,5 credits) course code 3NT000

This course deals with how different types of studies contribute to the scientific basis and development of nutritional science and how different kinds of health claims relate to this basis. Dietary recommendations and advice, as well as their background from various countries will be compared and contrasted. The course also deals with environmental aspects of different food and measures of how environmental impact can be investigated.


Introduction to the course

The interaction between the three areas, environment, nutrition and health, will be addressed from an individual to a global perspective. In this course, the student also receives training in writing a scientific text, as well as reflecting on his/her own learning process.

The course consists of workshops, lectures, exercises and discussions. A practical three-day assessment of dietary intake is included and the data from this will be used in both this course and the course “Diet, physical activity and fitness – assessment and evaluation” later in the program. In the current course, the dietary data will be used in the context of nutrient, health and environmental aspects. The students will write an individual report where these aspects are considered.


Magdalena Rosell

Course leader

Bettina Ehrenblad

Course leader

Sara Bruce

Course administrator

More material and links to resources

The course literature consists of scientific articles and reports that will be provided electronically when the course starts. Through the link below you can reach a collection of useful links and resources that relates to some of the areas that will be discussed in the course (and some of them will also be part of the course literature).

More material for Diet and Health - Scientific basis, recommendations and sustainability




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