For students attending the Study abroad, Master's Programme in Nutrition Science (120 credits) Exchange Studies, Master's programme in Nutrition Science - how to apply?

Here is where you can find the information regarding the application for exchange studies in relation to the Master's programme in Nutrition Science.

The deadline to apply at KI for 2023/2024 (both autumn and spring) is February 22.

How to apply

The application for exchange studies is a two-step process. First you apply for exchange at KI and if you are nominated for exchange from KI you will have to apply to the partner institution.

You have NOT been accepted for exchange studies at the partner institution until you have received a confirmation of acceptance or admission notification from that institution. Do not make any travel arrangements until then.

The application for exchange studies is completed in Mobility-Online. Start by filling in the online application form where you state your personal details, information on your current studies and your exchange destination and study option details. You can only choose among the partner institutions of the Master’s programme in Nutrition Science. In the next steps you register in Mobility-Online and upload your supporting application documents as well as a downloaded copy of your application form.   

Follow the instructions carefully: an incomplete application results in not being considered for exchange studies.

What to include in your application for exchange:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English

Your CV should be well written and easy to understand. You should not send any supporting documentation but be prepared to show it upon request. Check out the Europass CV for reference.

Transcript of Records

A "Transcript of Records" in English from the Ladok registry should be included in your application. You print it from Ladok for students.

Motivation Letter

Your motivation letter is an important part of your application. It should be written in English and be a maximum of one A4 page in length. Present yourself briefly and state why you wish to participate in an exchange. If you refer to experiences and special interests they should be relevant to your studies and future plans.

Online application form

You will have to upload a downloaded copy of your online application completed in Mobility-Online form before submitting your complete application.

Deadline to apply for 2023/2024: February 22

Selection and nomination

After the application deadline the applications will be assessed based on the selection criteria and ranked by the study programme, and the exchange study places are allocated according to the ranking. Unfortunately it may happen that all exchange places at a specific partner institution are taken, in which the applicant(s) will be placed on a waiting list. The available places at Deakin University and Wageningen University are limited.

Talia Adamsson