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Yi Zeng - Bioentrepreneurship student from China

Programme: Master of Bioentrepreneurship
From: China
Born: 1991

For Yi, it was the Bioentrepreneurship programme in general that attracted her to Karolinska Institutet. She was looking for a master’s that offered her practical skills she could apply to the field and KI was one of the few universities that was able to offer that.

I like the design of the MBE program, which prepares me for the practical experience in the life science industry.

She has no doubt that she has made the right choice, as Karolinska Institutet’s reputation is known around the world for an international collaborative environment and a high-quality research centre. Her courses are demanding and she finds her classmates only challenge and motivate her further.

KI is a rather small community so people get to know each other very soon. Students are very committed to studying and researching, which motivates me to work hard as well. It is not only the KI brand, but also the network behind it that makes KI so great. When I apply for jobs in the future, I could tell the employer that I have been studying surrounded by the professionals in life science for two years.

Yi is enjoying her time at KI thus far, both enjoying the challenges that her school work presents and her free time spent indulging in Swedish culture and enjoying its magnificent landscapes.

Sweden has beautiful landscape and people enjoy their life. I especially like riding a bike and touring around Stockholm. As for my academic life, we are taking business courses, which is a new discipline for me. It requires different way of thinking and I am trying to grasp the basic idea in three months. I like the challenge, it makes me grow up.

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Photo by D. Humphreys