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Yitian Zhou - Master of Toxicology student from China

Programme: Master of Toxicology
From: China
Born: 1991
Blog: Chinese Student Blogs
Contact me in: Chinese, English

Portrait of Yitian Zhou

The way of teaching here is totally different from China – more group work and more presentations with more critical thinking.

When Yitian heard about KI, he did his first research on Chinese social media sites like RenRen and now he’s passing on the torch. His main focus is to give prospective Chines students a glimpse of life at KI. A particular interest is how the teaching methods differ from those back home.

Yitian also has hand-on experience working first as a pharmacist and later as a research intern. He’s considering staying at KI to do a PhD, before going back to China. As for why Yitian chose KI, he names both its reputation and the chance to go to Europe:

Karolinska Institutet is well known for awarding the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and it’s also familiar to me because of its reputation in pharmaceutical field. I also love Europe. The peaceful and beautiful Nordic countries are really attractive. So, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden was my first choice.