Zaynab - Master's in Global Health

Zaynab is a former international student and digital ambassador at Karolinska Institutet (KI).

Programme: Master’s in Global Health

From: Trinidad and Tobago

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Hi everyone, my name is Zaynab, and I am one of the bloggers for the Digital Ambassador’s team. I am really excited to be studying at Karolinska Institutet and sharing my experiences, tips and anything that I learn with you.

I am from Trinidad and Tobago (a tiny twin island country that can be found in the Caribbean) and this is my first time living in a European country. I am really hoping to bring a small island perspective to the blogs here at KI, which are super global already.

I did my BSc. in Biochemistry, Biology and Biotechnology and a diploma in International Relations, giving me a science and social science background that I believed would prepare me for a Master’s in Global Health which I pursue here at KI.

I chose KI because the programmes are in English, and it was also listed as one of the top 5 schools in which to do a Master’s in Global Health. Also, the campus looked amazing in the pictures (I really need to study in a place whose environment motivates me).

One of my goals is to visit the very north of Sweden to see their amazing lakes, and the very south (hopefully Malmo) because of the cafés that I see on Swedish vlogs. I will only be here for one year, so I really hope to make the best of my experience here in Sweden and at KI!