Lauren Wiebe - Master's in Public Health Sciences (Health Promotion and Prevention)

From: Canada

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Lauren Wiebe

Lauren found inspiration in Hans Rosling during her bachelor’s studies and it led her to research more about Karolinska Institutet. The fact that Sweden is often referred to as having one of the best public health systems in the world also influenced her decision.

She is looking forward to meeting new people, learning about new countries and cultures, and being in an academic environment that is tailored to her interests.

In 10 years time she envision herself working in Emergency Preparedness and Responses (EPR), focusing on the role of “fear” and “culture” when studying responses to emergencies and designing public health interventions. She hopes that her job will enable her to travel, but would like her home-base to be in Vancouver, Canada, since she loves the mountains.

She likes playing sports, spending time with friends and being outside!