Karolina - Master's in Translational Physiology and Pharmacology

Karolina is an international student and digital ambassador at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Do you have questions about student life at KI? Send her an email or read her blog.

Programme:  Master's in Translational Physiology and Pharmacology

From: Estonia  

Contact me in: English, Estonian

Email: karolina.juhani@stud.ki.se

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Hi! I am Karolina and I am a digital ambassador and a blogger for the Master’s Programme in Translational Physiology and Pharmacology here at Karolinska Institutet (KI). I was born and raised in Estonia, but for the past five years I have lived in the UK where I studied biomedical sciences with a focus on pharmacology.

I first came across KI when researching the history of the Nobel prize for a school assignment and because the name was very similar to my own, I decided to dig deeper. As I found out more about KI, its interactive teaching methods, and the excellent research opportunities, I knew that it was a place where I wanted to study or work during one point in my career.

Over the next years I considered KI’s different master’s programmes, but when the time came for me to apply, I discovered that a new and exciting programme had been added. This one focused precisely on what I was looking to learn more about, which is how to integrate our knowledge of human physiology and pharmacology to enhance drug discovery and development. I decided to apply and as they say, the rest is history.

Outside of school I like baking with friends as well as doing water sports. So when the weather starts to get warmer, I look forward to kayaking through Stockholm's world-famous archipelago.