Tade - Master's in Nutrition Science

Tade is an international student and digital ambassador at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Do you have questions about student life at KI? Send him an email or read his blog.

Programme: Master’s in Nutrition Science

From: Nigeria / Germany

Contact me in: English, German

Email: tade.idowu@stud.ki.se

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Hey! I am Tade. I am Nigerian/German, and I am the blogger for the Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science here at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Before I got here I was studying in Maastricht in the Netherlands. My whole life I was interested in food and sports and that’s why I decided to study nutrition. When I heard about KI and learned about their group-focused teaching method with people from all over the world I knew where I wanted to go! As an additional benefit in Sweden, I have the chance to spend plenty of time in nature. I love to go hiking in nature and explore hidden gems. When I am not traveling and trying different foods, I am playing basketball in the local gym. 

In these next two years, there are many things I want to do, however, seeing the northern lights and swimming in ice water is at the top of my bucket list! Academically I believe there are many things I will learn during this programme from the curriculum, the staff, and my peers.  

A fun fact about me every language I encounter I try to learn two words and pretend to be a native speaker.  

I am excited to join the blogger team to write about the new programme and share my experience in Sweden. If you play basketball and are ever up for the challenge, you know where to find me!