Connect with your future classmates on Goin'

Eager to discover who else is heading to Karolinska Institutet? Through Goin’ you can meet fellow students even before setting foot on campus.

Goin’ offers you a unique opportunity to connect with your future classmates within an exclusive Karolinska Institutet online student community. Here’s your chance to:

  • Discover students with shared interests, like sports or music
  • Meet peers from your home country
  • Connect with others enrolled in the same study program
  • Look for housing or find your future roommates
  • Help each other practically prepare to start
  • Plan the study life with friends way in advance

Ready to start building connections? 

How do you join?

As a newly admitted student you will receive an invite to join Goin' to your email. If you are a current student, check the KI Student Newsletter for an invite.

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