Innovations for Emerging Cities: Openlab Course Package

Information about the course package

The course package Innovations for Emerging Cities: Openlab contains two multidisciplinary project courses.  Students has the option to study 7,5 ECTS in period 1 or period 2. As an alternative the students can read 15 ECTS by participating in both period 1 and period 2 (in that order) as a course package of 15 ECTS, a combination of Innovations for Emerging Cities: Openlab Multidisciplinary Project Course, Period 1 and 2. Each period offer a multidisciplinary project course founded in challenge driven innovation.

Information about the course

The students learn about, and to apply, Design Thinking to develop solutions and innovations to a given societal challenge provided by The Stockholm County council or the Stockholm City Council. Students from different universities, disciplines and backgrounds work in teams to understand, define, identify, prototype and test innovative societal solutions to the challenges. Practical examples of, and tools to apply design-and innovation knowledge are of use both for future professional practice and academic pursuits. The students create innovative solutions that benefits societal development in relation to health and social care, education, construction and other types of urban developments. More information about OpenLab.

Autumn 2020

Study period 1: 2020-08-31 to 2020-11-08
Study period 2: 2020-11-09 to 2021-01-07
Study location: Stockholm
Pace of study: 50% - halftime, day time
Language of instruction: English
Course syllabuse period 1
Course syllabus period 2

Spring 2021

Study period 1: 2021-01-18 to 2021-03-21
Study period 2: 2021-03-22 to 2021-06-06
Study location: Stockholm
Pace of study: 50% - halftime, day time
Language of instruction: English
Course syllabuses period 1
Course syllabuse period 2

Eligibility requirements

A Bachelor's degree or a professional degree worth at least 180 credits in healthcare. Or 180 credits from a study programme in medicine, dentistry, psychology or speech and language pathology. And proficiency in English equivalent to English B/English 6.


The online application must be submitted at
Please note that the application is for a course package of two freestandning courses, 7,5 ECTS each, a total of 15 ECTS. An applicant can only be admitted to 45 ECTS in the application round.