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KI card agreement

The KI card is a personal access card for entering rooms and buildings at the KI campuses. It is also a library card at the KI University Library, KIB. Apply for your KI card.

Conditions for access to computer rooms and the gym

University Library service regulations

I agree to acquaint myself with and abide by the rules of the University Library.

Use of photo for study purposes (only for internal use within KI)

By study purposes is meant for example student photo catalogues and student records maintained by the student service desks.

Additional terms and conditions

  • The KI card is a personal document and must not be transferred to another person.
  • The cardholder agrees to the above-mentioned conditions and assumes full responsibility for the use of the card.
  • Loss of card must be reported to Safety and Security unit
  • On the KI premises, the cardholder will provide his or her KI card and ID upon request from officials or authorized security personnel.
  • This agreement is valid until further notice for this card and for any replacement card.
  • The cardholder agrees to return his or her KI card to KI upon termination of studies or during breaks in ongoing studies.
  • Misuse of the KI card will result in inactivation of the card for the rest of the study period.