On Campus

Find information about our two campus areas: Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg. You will find information on how to connect to the wifi, about restaurants and where you can heat your own food, how to book group rooms, where to find the libraries and our gyms and more.

Find your way around KI 

The education at KI is mainly conducted on our two campuses: Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg. Use our maps to find buildings and halls.

Find your way around KI

KI card

With your KI card, you can enter halls and buildings on the KI campus. You also use the KI card for printing and as a library card. You can get the card after activating your student account.

KI card for students

Book study rooms

Students can book rooms through Timeedit. 

Book study rooms as a student


You can access wifi on campus through the network eduroam. Once you have installed eduroam, you will automatically be logged in every time you receive an eduroam network.

Wireless networks on Campus

The University Library (KIB)

Karolinska Institutet University Library (KIB) is located on both campuses. 

Find your way to KIB

Opening hours


There are printers on both Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg. On the KIB:s website you will find information about where to find the printers.

Find the printers

Restaurants, cafés and microwaves on campus

On Solna and Flemingsberg campuses you can heat and eat your own food in designated student dining areas or buy a meal at one of the various cafés and lunch restaurants.

Self catering, restaurants and cafés on campus

Commuter bus between KI:s campuses

With the commuter bus, KI students and staff travel free of charge between Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg.

Timetable, bus stops and current information about the commuter bus

Meditation and prayer rooms

There are rooms for silence, meditation and prayer on both campuses. The rooms can also be used if you need a calm space for breastfeeding. 

Meditation and prayer rooms 

Gym, sportshall and tennis court

There are gyms on both our campuses that KI students can use free of charge. On Campus Solna, there is also a sports hall for badminton and table tennis. There is also an outdoor tennis court. The tennis court is closed during the winter.

BOX - gym on Campus Solna

BASE - gym on Campus Flemingsberg

Tennis courts on campus Solna

Fire safety information

As a student at KI campuses you should of course feel safe when residing here. KI works hard to make sure that all facilities have a high fire safety standard. You as an individual also have a responsibility to contribute to achieve this. By having knowledge of and complying with KI:s routines in case of fire and/or evacuation, and reporting incidents, you contribute to increased safety for yourself and your fellow students. 

Learn more about fire safety for KI students