For students attending the course Applied Research Methods in Disasters (10.0 ECT credits) course code 5HD001

This course will introduce common methodologies used in health research in disasters. It will explore how to practically apply these methods and how to interpret research in disasters settings, including a range of quantitative and qualitative methods and designs, methodological considerations, and research ethics.


Welcome to the course Applied Research Methods in Disasters (5HD001)

A very warm welcome to the course Applied Research Methods in Disasters which is a course in the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Public Health in Disasters, 2023. The Canvas page for the course will open closer to the course start.

The course starts 28 August 2023. The morning introduction will be followed by a roll-call. Please note that attendance is mandatory so please contact us beforehand if you have any difficulties attending the first day. More information about Schedule and location will be published no later then two weeks before the course starts.

Most welcome!


Registration to keep your place and attend the course is compulsory. You register yourself in Ladok

The registration period is one weeks before the course starts and two days into the course

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