For students attending the course Degree project in biomedicine (30p) course code 1BI034

Welcome to the website for the Degree Project in Biomedicine (30 hp). You can select a project from the database below. The degree project gives the possibility to individually plan and carry out a project within an area of biomedicine as well as to present the results of this research orally and in writing.


Information about the course - Welcome information


The course starts Monday January 15th 2024

The course web on Canvas will be regularly updated. Please also check the Announcements there on a regular basis for urgent notices!


Presentation days:

 Tuesday May 28th and Wednesday May 29th


Course survey and analysis

The course is evaluated according to the guidelines set by the Board of Education (now Committee of Education).

Evaluations from previous years

2017 (pdf file)

2018 (pdf file)

2019 (.pdf file)

KI department responsible for the course: The Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology

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