For students attending the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Public Health in Disasters The programme organisation (EMMPHID)

On this page you will find contact information to the program manager, as well as information about the educational committee, the program council, quality work and crisis management plan etc.
The GPH Educational Committee is in charge of the quality and quality assurance of this programme. For example, decisions concerning course syllabuses and programme syllabuses are taken in this committee.

Educational Committee

Each programme is directed by a committee. The committee discusses and makes decisions in overall matters, such as policy decisions, course selection and duration, finances, quality issues and, above all, the development of the programme. The educational committee is responsible for education at undergraduate and advanced level at the department.

Committee members

Helle Mölsted Alvesson

Chairwoman, Director of Education, Project coordinator

Asli Kulane

Deputy Chairwoman, Programme director, Lecturer senior

Programme directors

Jette Möller, associate professor in epidemiology, Master programme in Public Health Sciences

Asli Kulane, associate professor in international health, Masters in Global Health

Anneli Eriksson, PhD, Research Specialist, Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Public Health in Disasters

Teaching staff representatives

Ann Liljas
Renee Gardner
Tobias Alfvén

Representatives from another department

Elizabeth Arkema,  Department of Medicine, Solna, MedS 
Niklas Zethraeus, The department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME)

Student representatives

Emily Mauro, Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences specialisation Public Health Epidemiology 
Zuhaira Fatma, Master's Programme in Public Health Sciences specialisation Health Promotion and Prevention
Celine van de Ven, Master programme in Global Health

SLL representaive

Andreas Lundin, associated

Other members

Amina Samuelsson, Educational administrator
Claudia Hanson, responsible internationalisation
Lena Björk, Programme Officer and Educational administrator
Carla Sturm, Study Concellor and Educational administrator

For access to the Educational Committee protocols please see GPH UN:s webpage

Educational office

Amina Samuelsson

Education coordinator

Lena Björk

Educational administrator
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Lena Björk