For students attending the Master's Programme in Toxicology Study abroad with the Master's programme in Toxicology

In the field of Biomedicine, you have the opportunity to spend part of your studies abroad. Completing a course or doing project work in another country is a unique experience compared to studying in Sweden. Experiencing another culture from the inside is a fantastic way of learning more about yourself and your field of study. Studying abroad means not only academic development, it also provides insights and experiences you will profit from in your future life.

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The International Committee of the Biomedicine Programmes (BIONK)

The International Committee of the Biomedicine Programmes (BIONK) is responsible for exchange studies in the Biomedicine Programmes. BIONK consists of teachers, international coordinators, the programme administrator and student representatives. BIONK signs exchange agreements with partners universities, decides about rules for participation and selection of students for the exchange programmes etc.

General information on exchange studies through KI

Deadline for applications 2023/2024

The last day to apply for exchange studies in the academic year 2023/2024 is January 27th at 11am. The deadline for our second round of application has been set to Friday June 9th at 11am.

The link to apply for exchange studies can be found here and it will take you to our Mobility Online database where you will be asked to first create an account. After that you will receive an email and by following the link included in that email you will be able to access your account in Mobility Online and to submit all the necessary documents to finalize your application:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Transcript of records
  • Merits documents (for instance: research experience or engagement in BUS)

The applications will be ranked after the deadline and the exchange study places will be allocated according to the ranking.

More information about exchange studies can be found on your study programme’s page.

If you choose to go abroad on your own you can look at this page to find out more.

General rules

Important information regarding application, waiting list and second round of application

Deadline to apply for exchange studies in the academic year 2023-2024 was Friday January 27th at 11am. Only complete applications are assessed by BIONK. No individual extensions will be granted.

Acceptance of nomination

After BIONK has assessed all applications, they are ranked based on the criteria set by the international committee. Successful applicants will receive an offer of exchange (nomination) by email and a deadline to accept/reject their nomination.

As an applicant you have the following options:

Accept their nomination

Reject their nomination

If not having been nominated to the firsthand choice of university, the applicant can accept their nomination and be placed on a waiting list for a higher alternative as listed in the application

If the applicant does not fulfill the course eligibility criteria to be nominated for exchange, i.e. having passed all taken courses, the applicant will receive a conditional nomination. This eligibility criteria will be checked again on April 15 for exchange during the Autumn semester 2023 and on September 15 for exchange during the Spring semester 2024.

Acceptance of nomination

As soon as an applicant accepts their nomination, the international coordinator will nominate the applicant to the allocated host institution; the applicant will have to apply to the partner institution according to the rules stated in the information sent by the partner institution.

Waiting list

During the first two weeks of May the international coordinator will assess if any of the applicants placed on the waiting list can be offered a higher alternative. After this assessment, all applicants on the waiting list will be informed if any of their higher alternatives have become available and they will be offered the opportunity to be nominated to a higher ranked alternative or to keep the original nomination.

After this step the student will no longer be able to change to any other host institution. It is not permitted to reject a nomination awarded in the first round of applications and then re-apply in the second round. Any such application will not be assessed.

Second round of applications

Those who did not apply for exchange in the first round have the opportunity to apply for exchange in the second round of applications. In mid-May the list of places still available after the first round will be published online, and a second application round will be announced.

During the first week of the summer break, students who did not participate in the first application round can apply in the second round, and exchange study places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Until accepted by our partner university it is possible to withdraw from the exchange program. Please consider though that the later you withdraw, the fewer chances you will give to a fellow student to be nominated instead of you if there is a tight application deadline to the partner institution. After being accepted you will only be able to withdraw due to issues related to health, family problems or financial problems.



Here you can find the PP presentation of the international coordinator.


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