5 things to fix on your LinkedIn

Check out this guide on how to get your LinkedIn profile in shape for networking events, or just generally in preparation for your professional life. And remember, your LinkedIn profile is a living document. You need to keep updating it throughout your career.

1.    Quick revamp of your basic profile 


If you don't have a photo add this to your profile. You can use a professional headshot, an action shot from maybe a lab situation or from a lecture or career event.


The headline is searchable so make sure to have this. An easy way to do this is by simply using keywords. 


Focus on the basics here: what you are, who you help, how you help them and proof and credibility. It does not need to be complicated. Have at least one sentence. If you want to you can also add contact details in the summary.  


Other than your degrees also include other activities such as societies you have been a part of during your studies, any awards and include the title of your dissertation. 


Include any experience you had that is relevant, that you can get a recommendation for and that will enrich your profile. 

2.    Recommendations 

This adds to the proof and credibility of your profile and what many people look at. Maybe you can ask for a recommendation from your mentors, teachers or from your peers. 

3.    Research and follow people on LinkedIn 

If you are attending an event – check out who the event organizers are, who the companies are and what representatives will be attending the event? Go to their LinkedIn profile and follow them. 

4.    Status updates on your LinkedIn feed 

Start being active on the platform and drive traffic to your profile. You can post updates about a career event you are attending, share and like updates from companies you are interested in and share updates and developments in your field. 

5.    Engage people you want to meet at the career event

Before the event, start to engage with the people you want to connect with. Go to their feed and like, comment or share their updates. You can also reach out to the people who will be at the event already on LinkedIn. You can introduce yourself and maybe set up a meeting during the event. 

This guide was based on the talk of Mary-Rose Hoja for Career Service. Watch the full seminar.