About the IPL day

In order to facilitate an early start to Interprofessional Learning (IPL) KI offers all first-year students in an undergraduate programme at KI a joint Interprofessional day. This joint day is compulsory for all first year students.

IPL occurs when two or more professions learn about, from and with each other in order to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes.

The IPL day is based on one of the three learning outcomes common to all study programmes, established by the Board of Higher Education on 07/02/2018:

The student must be able to identify and describe the competency of the professions collaborating in their future field.

The aim is to early on in your education programme put a focus on different views of health and patient safety and illustrate the purpose of interprofessional cooperation as one way to support the health of the population. The idea is that this happens when students from different programmes interact and learn with, from and about each other.

students studying
Photo: Erik Flyg.

Engaging in IPL during your studies is therefore an evident strategy at KI, and students at KI participate in interprofessional learning activities together with students from other study programmes.

This joint day is compulsory for all first year students and is a part of KI's over arching plan for IPL, thus an important part of the students' professional and interprofessional development. 


Health & Patient Safety are the themes for the day and in the morning there will be lectures representing different views on Health and Interprofessional teamwork.

The afternoon consists of learning activities in groups of 25-30 students which will be facilitated by two facilitators from different programmes.

Learning outcomes

The IPL day stems from the shared interprofessional intended learning outcomes that all the programmes have in common, updated by the board of education 2018-02-07: "The Student shall be able to identify and describe the compentencies of the different professions that cooperate in the future area of work".

An IPL day is held once every semester with approximatley 700 students from the different KI programmes as indicated in the diagram below.