After the Exchange

When you come back from your exchange you need to follow a few steps. Below you can find more information about these steps.

Credit Transfer

In order to transfer credits from your exchange studies to your study programme at Karolinska Institutet, you must have a certificate from the host university verifying that you have completed the courses and stages that were agreed before departure.

It is best to try to get the certificate in your hand before you leave the host university. It is also a good idea to collect any course descriptions, timetables and lists of course literature.

You should apply to the director of studies or equivalent person you met before your exchange for a credit transfer. Use the application form for the transfer of credits from exchange studies and enclose certificates of courses carried out.

Application for the transfer of credits from exchange studies

Student Exchange Report

As an exchange student from KI you are required to write a student exchange report on your exchange. In the report we ask you to reflect upon your experiences from your exchange period. Your report will be an important part of the evaluation of the exchange programme, moreover it will also be a great source of inspiration and information for other KI students.

Furthermore, every year Karolinska Institutet awards the Best student exchange report to the best three student exchange reports. 

Published exchange reports
Exchange reports by incoming exchange students

Information Meetings

Another important part of your exchange studies is to convey your experiences, knowledge and impressions to your fellow students at Karolinska Institutet. This could be through seminars and information meetings for future exchange students.

Each semester a "kick-off/homecoming event" is arranged for students nominated for exchange and for students who have returned from studies abroad. The evening includes seminars, information sessions, and the opportunity to share your experiences with others. Future exchange students usually appreciate sharing others' experiences. It also gives you an opportunity to inspire others to go.

Become a Buddy

As a buddy for exchange students who come to KI you will have the chance to meet international students, make new friends, learn about new cultures and practise your language skills.

Contact Global Friends for more information.